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We provide affordable with quality IT Solutions & services that helps developing business. An expert team is assigned to every project undertaken to ensure the needs of client is fulfilled.

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Software Solutions

In today's business environment, applications must be increasingly responsive to survive. Applications lie at the heart of your competitive capability. We offer creative ways to expertly translate your changing business challenges into future-focused technology solutions that will keep you operating at the cutting-edge. Ameliorate is a true systems integrator: able to support you with dynamic development environments; and providing platforms in a flexible, cost-effective way. We will help your organisation perform at the highest level and deliver an unrivalled customer experience. Taking a highly collaborative approach, we can provide you with both the lowest risk and the highest value application portfolio for your organisation via our Application Development and Application Management services

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Android / IOS Solutions

The real value of a mobile device in the workplace is in its capability to get work done and that happens primarily through applications. Creating great mobile user experiences requires a partner that understands mobile technology and can create secure, seamless, context-aware experiences in a mobile connected world. We can help you build mobile applications that enable you to convert mobile customer interactions & mobile employee tool kit into revenue opportunities and improve business operations with our mobile applications.

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Web Applications

Web Applications, is any software accessed through the Internet instead of off-line on your computer. The popularity of web applications is dramatically increasing due to its global access just by using your browser. As a local application service provider, Ameliorate can work with your company to give you all the functionality you can possibly handle. Having software available online allows users to enjoy the benefits and use of software anywhere with the availability of internet. This allows the software the ability for regular maintenance and updates very easily. The possibility of what web applications can do is seemingly limitless. Years of experience and skill makes it possible for us to create web applications that meet client as well as there user requirements and objectives. Trust us to provide you a web applications that meet your business needs.

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Database Solutions

Databases are integral to the success of a business. They enable you to store, analyse and manage essential information about your products, your sales and your customers so you can quickly and easily respond to changing market conditions. You can also share information in the database with suppliers and logistics partners to improve the efficiency of your business operations. The wide range of information provided by database are Product Information, Customer Information, Transactions, Personalization, Campaign Management, Self-Service & many more.

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"Digital" is the new mantra for promoting and selling your products and services. A Good designed website is therefore integral to anything digital. A Good website design needs to be visually appealing, navigation friendly, highly content rich and above all, search engine optimized in order to attract & retain visitors. We at Ameliorate ensure your website works for your business. Mere presence is no presence on the web; users should actually know your existence, visit your website, appreciate you and translate to leads or sales. Years of experience and skill makes it possible for us to create websites that meet client requirements and website objectives. Trust us to provide you a website that meet your business needs.

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IT Infrastructure

Ameliorate is a leading IT Infrastructure services provider that plans, designs and implements organizational IT strategies and manages mission-critical IT Infrastructure for clients. Ameliorate leverages its in-depth industry and technical knowledge and helps clients extract maximum value from their IT investments. The company delivers this by providing an IT Infrastructure management platform that is cost effective, reliable and cutting edge. Key facts: Best-of-breed vendors and alliances to continuously drive down costs, reduce defects and improve productivity. Flexible and customized solutions to match specific customer needs. Timely support to guarantee standardized services for your businesses.

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Digital Security

Transforming risk and security challenges into competitive advantage. Security and risk professionals face unprecedented levels of change and constantly evolving threats. Within this context, all companies and governments are under increasing pressure to align IT security investments with business challenges: position security as a business enabler, run an efficient security operation, and adopt a risk-based strategy addressing new technologies and social trends, new patterns, and new and complex threats and vulnerabilities. Data protection and privacy are now top priorities for information security leaders, while the cost of regulatory compliance is increasing. Ameliorate IT security business community can help you address these challenges.

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In today's environment, businesses are highly dependent on IT systems for day to day operations. As your business evolves, applications need to change to suit new business scenarios. Application Support and Maintenance is an important element towards enhancing and extending the life of the applications. Application focuses on seamlessly maintaining and transforming your business-critical applications to meet changing business needs. Ameliorate's Application Support & Maintenance Service ensures your business applications are managed and operated seamlessly to provide secure and high performance platform. Best utilization of improved productivity for strategic initiatives. Depending on the nature of your IT infrastructure, how many users there are, and how critical it is to your day to day operations, we design a solution to meet your exact needs.

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Guaranteed Support and Service

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About us

With nearly a decade of experience in high volume technology service & support, Ameliorate infotech is a world class technological processing & service provider. We have consistently delivered high quality services with guaranteed accuracy & reliability and delivers clients services & solutions for strategic planning, design, integration, implementation & process improvement.

Throughout the years of being in business, as a team we have gained extensive expertise using the latest technologies in several organizations that allows us to deliver services & solutions that meet our varying client's needs & position them for strategic growth, powered by talented technology experts. In order to better serve our client we partner with them on mission to find practical IT solutions for most of their business challenges. By integrating expert team with standard technology and applications, we provide a complete set of information you need to meet your needs. As we work, we continue to stay focus on serving our clients need & also making sure we classify our diverse business. We take every opportunity to work with unique business to strengthen relationship & make an impact in every aspect of life

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A wide range of affordable IT Solutions & Services offered by us are as follows :

Software Solutions

Starting from
Rs. 8000
  • Customised
  • Excellent Reporting Tools
  • Data Security
  • Guaranteed Service

Android Application

Yearly tariff
Rs. 9990
  • Customised
  • Productive On-field use
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Guaranteed Service


Starting from
Rs. 9990
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Domain + Hosting + 10 E-mail
  • Enquiry / Contact Form
  • Guaranteed Service

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